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    At the heart of a bullfighting school for children in France
    7 years after our first investigation, we have once again infiltrated a bullfighting training school.
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The investigation

An extracurricular activity like any other?

A new undercover investigation

Our investigators went once again to one of the bullfighting schools in France, where they were able to witness the killing of bulls so young that they are almost calves.

Seven years after our investigation at the school of Nîmes, we demand the prohibition of these “training centres” for minors, the prohibition of access to minors to these “shows”, the ban on hurting bulls, and of course putting them to death…

The petition

Our planet and our society have never before needed so much to teach the values of love, respect and courage as of now. Yet, bullfighting schools teach children the torture of harmless young animals who aspire only to live in peace within their herd. The two investigation made by One Voice in 2012 and 2019 in the Nîmes bullfighting school show the reverse: calves are abused and killed by children. Who are as vulnerable as one another, adolescents are encouraged by their teachers and parents, in front of other children, to practice killing these sentient beings. This represents a serious attack on their psychological development. Their empathy and sense of morality will be deeply impacted upon. The youngest bulls have never known anything but fear, suffering and human cruelty. We the undersigned, along with Anymal, CRAC Europe, FLAC, No Corrida and One Voice, call for the prohibition of these “training centers” for minors, the prohibition of access to minors to these “shows”, the prohibition to hurt any bulls, and of course the prohibition to put them to death.

Let's close down these school!

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The defense of animals required a radical association, an association that would fight without compromise and would, of course, be non-violent. Since 1995, One Voice has been fighting for the respect of all living beings, to put an end to cruelty in all its forms. One Voice is one and the same voice for animals and the planet.


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